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Advanced Pelvic Floor Care

Breakthrough non-invasive technology that strengthens pelvic floor muscles. Increase revenue at your spa or clinic today!

Our commitment is to make innovative electromagnetic therapies that amplify results readily accessible as the new gold standard for first-line pelvic floor care.

Sit. Strengthen. Succeed.

The Future of Pelvic Health is Here

This breakthrough non-invasive chair delivers thousands of Kegel-like contractions through gentle electromagnetic stimulations that are completely customized and progressed over a session lasting less than half an hour. Clients simply sit fully clothed while the electromagnetic field targets nerves and muscles for pelvic activation and regeneration.

Introducing the Venus Chair

The innovative Venus Chair utilizes advanced electromagnetic technology to strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles, bringing safe and effective treatment for urinary incontinence right to your medical spa or clinic. The Venus Chair gives clients an efficient path to gaining control over their pelvic health. Our technology is at the forefront of progressive pelvic floor care that goes beyond dated therapies like medication, surgery, kegel exercises and electrical stimulation. We offer non-invasive, customized treatment driven by innovation rather than profit.

Unparalleled Results and Rapid ROI

Backed by clinical studies, the Venus Chair delivers life-changing results for stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence with very high client satisfaction. With the numbers to support an extremely rapid return-on-investment, this technology drives new patient acquisition and retention for continued revenue. Treatments require no downtime with clients able to immediately resume normal activities.

Far Superior to Traditional Therapies

The Venus Chair offers far faster and superior outcomes than traditional first line therapies for incontinence including pelvic floor exercises, biofeedback and electrical stimulation. Cutting-edge and customized electromagnetic stimulation surpasses the limited capabilities of these dated therapies that frustrate clients with intensive exercise requirements and uncomfortable probing. Offer your patients truly progressive care that efficiently strengthens and rebounds pelvic function.

Reach Revenue Goals

Increase Revenue

The Venus Chair offers clinics and spas a chance to improve patients’ quality of life while significantly boosting revenue. Our innovative electromagnetic technology restores pelvic floor strength and urinary continence control through pain-free customized treatments requiring no downtime. The life-changing rapid results, high satisfaction and lack of discomfort drive strong word-of-mouth and retention so clinics can maximize profitable revenue per patient.


Our mission is to partner with clinics to make our revolutionary care as accessible as possible using a financially sustainable subscription model for electromagnetic equipment and support. Invest in the Venus Chair to increase patient empowerment as you grow your clinic’s success.

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Watch how the venus chair works

12,000 pelvic floor muscle tightening an lifting exercises in 30 minutes. Contact us today to bring the innovative power of the Venus Chair into your practice for non-invasive electromagnetic care that is revolutionizing treatment for incontinence.

Get started in 3 Steps

This straightforward 3-step Venus process allows you to assess if the Venus Chair is a good fit before moving forward with a tailored integration plan for electromagnetic pelvic floor stimulation. We handle all details from equipment delivery to staff education to promotion so you can swiftly start enhancing patient outcomes and enjoying new revenue streams through innovative care.


Request Demo

Request a Free Demo We offer clinics a no-obligation free demo session with a Venus Chair right in your facility. This allows your staff to experience the technology and evaluate compatibility with your patients.


Review Plan

Review Custom Implementation Plans Our Venus Consultants will assess your facility needs and patient demand to design a customized Venus Chair implementation plan detailing costs, payment options, ideal treatment workflows, staff training and marketing support.


Active community

Sign and Set Up Your Venus Delivery Once satisfied with the proposed setup for a successful integration of the Venus Chair system, sign paperwork to have your unit delivered, installed and your staff trained on administering safe, effective treatments.

5-Star Review

What Our Customers Say

We rely on client advocates like yourself. By publicly rating your time with the Venus Chair and spreading awareness, you help more people enjoy the activities they love again without embarrassing accidents, not to mention supporting our mission to shift treatment norms away from drugs and surgeries. Please lend your voice today!

Bringing in the Venus Chair system is the best business decision I've made for my medical spa. My consultant Yvette made the entire process so smooth - from demoing the technology to customizing my financing and treatment room set up. The results speak for themselves. Clients are raving about the experience with most seeing dramatic improvement in just a few quick sessions without discomfort. In just 2 months since installing our Venus Chair, we've increased our client base by 15% and each patient does an average of 6 treatments since they are so fast and effective. It easily covers the monthly payment plan. The small investment to add this chair has already paid for itself multiple times over. I tell everyone this is a no-brainer way to help your patients in a financially sustainable way. This technology lets us stand out from the competition since it's just so far ahead. I wish I had made room for this amazing Venus Chair sooner!

Spa Manager - Sandra S.